KGET: Vietnam Vet Finds a New Home


One local Vietnam veteran finally has a place to call home. After the Veterans Affairs gave Curtis Fitts the run around, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and other local supporters, stepped up to make sure this hero has a roof over his head.

“I feel home, I feel the love,” Fitts said.

After being homeless and living in RV’s he wanted somewhere to feel safe, something he hasn’t felt since before the war.

“Its what we have been looking for all this time,” Fitts said.

He and his wife Carol have waited 37 years for a place to call home.

Mr. Fitts has health issues and serious trauma after being shot down three times in Vietnam.

“The war stays with you, you never really forget it,” Fitts said.

So when House Majority Leader, Kevin McCarthy, found out Mr. Fitts was having a problem with a VA loan, he intervened.

“This is a man that risked his life, when he came back his back and neck had been broken,” McCarthy said.

In a week’s time McCarthy and his team worked with the VA to make sure the Fitts could make this house a home.

“He had gone through the whole process of getting this home and was approved and last minute was held up when he was about to move in,” McCarthy said.

Kern County Veterans Affairs Director, Dick Taylor, had a group of Vietnam vets help welcome the new homeowners.

“Like this its great to be just a small part of being able to help out sand help vets navigate that maze of bureaucracy, ” said Taylor.

“What a better way for a nation to say thank you,” said McCarthy.

The Fitts still need to furnish their home if you would like to donate you can contact:

The Patriots of Kern
(661) 868-7300 or 1120 Golden State Ave. Bakersfield, Calif. 93301