House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy Raises $23 Million in Q1 2019, Most By Any House Republican in History

Washington, DC — House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) announced that through his political committees in the first quarter of 2019, McCarthy raised $23.06 million — the most ever by a House Republican in one quarter.

Additionally, McCarthy transferred $5.56 million to the NRCC in March, totaling $7.28 million transferred for the quarter. Added to his Take Back the House Joint Fundraising Committee and other efforts, McCarthy has transferred or raised $12.5 million to campaign efforts for members, candidates, and supporting organizations.

Kevin McCarthy released the following statement upon the announcement:

“Republicans are on the offensive — and the American people are counting on it. After just one quarter the new Democrat majority is already wasting it away — spending more time appeasing the new Democrat socialists than solving problems. In fact, Democrats have underperformed the Republican House majority last Congress on nearly every measure.

“Instead of working through their promises such as infrastructure reform and lowering the cost of healthcare, the Democrats are obsessed with trying to damage President Trump and avoid the reality of their ineffective majority. To me, this underperformance was foretold. It was the unprecedented resource discrepancy between the parties that propelled Democrat victories last fall.  

“As Leader I am 100 percent committed to giving our members and candidates every resource advantage possible to debate the issues and win the arguments that will decide our country’s future. Our results this quarter mark the beginning of our journey to take back the House.”